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A Little History

B. and I have been married for 9 years. Only in the last 18 months have we taken the finger out and really got the ball rolling on our infertility journey. B's sperm counts have been abysmal to not so bad. I had a d&c to remove polyps in April. One failed IUI in May with low sperm count led us to IVF in June/July. That didn't work. At first I was gung-ho to go straight into the next cycle but following a meeting with our RE, he thought our embryos(4) did not implant due to a sperm issue. B. Immediately had a SCSA test which after 2 agonizing weeks during which I read the awful facts that if his SCSA was >35, we had about a 1% chance of getting pregnant even with IVF. I fell apart and realized I was not ready to do another IVF. Well, his SCSA came back at 19 and normal is 15 so the doc said no worries. He has since told us that the most recent studies have shown that the SCSA may not even be that useful. We have spent the last 3 1/2 months doing acupuncture and taking vile disgusting herbs so that we have a better chance the next time. I am currently in the waiting period of an IUI with medication. We wanted to try that to see if the herbs/acupuncture had made any difference to the sperm count. It didn't and the IUI didn't work. On to IVF #2.


Anonymous Manuela said...

Hey there... like you... I'm going back to the beginning of your blog... but yours is a hell of a lot easier than mine! I can't believe you went back to read all my stuff! Holy crap!

1/19/2006 01:25:00 PM  

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