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Christmas Shopping.

My best friend since I was eight lives in Chicago and like me, all her family live in Ireland. She left me a message the other day while out shopping for something to wear for her work Christmas Party, that there was just nothing out there and she wanted to fly back to Ireland for the weekend to go clothes shopping. She said the same thing to her sister who bought her a ticket home for a christmas present. I am so jealous, even though I know it will be dark and cold. She will get to see my Mother and I won't. Anyway, I digress. She'll get to buy clothes at home, which I always like to do. I always get such lovely stuff, designed for the normal girl, not the skinny minnies here in LA. So I was reading my favourite blogs and I see that Pamplemousse got new boots and then I was jealous of her because she went shopping at Marks and Spencers.


Anonymous Manuela said...

Take it from me... a new pair of boots fixes EVERYTHING.

1/19/2006 01:28:00 PM  

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