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Better be a Better Blogger!

I moved my blog after a measly 3 posts because I realised I did not want anyone I knew to read it. In case I want to bitch. I have been a less than stellar blogger because I spend my time reading on everyone else's blogs, marvelling at how well written they are. I laugh out loud at some of the posts and cry with others. B thinks I am slightly insane. Of course here I am seven shots into the lupron part of my second IVF cycle, when I realize, I'm supposed to blog to try and relieve some of my ever present low grade anxiety. Duh! I am going to copy and paste some of my other stuff over here so it's all together. If that is a serious breach of blogger ettiquette, someone, please let me know. I'll move it back. Ha Ha. I just realized, I had five posts. Wow! Anyway, back to the lupron. I have a mild headache and extremely mild nausea. It was there today when I woke up. When I got home from work B said he was going to the shop to get me a surprise. He came back with this. I laughed but tried it anyway. I thought it wasn't working but after about five minutes I got this cool yet tingling feeling on my forehead where I had liberally smeared it on. When I thought about it, the headache was still kind of there but I had to really think about it. Fot the most part you are just concentrating on the cool tingling and not the headache. I will be quite attached to this for the next week or so until my lupron dose is decreased. Oh, and it doesn't smell. AF should arrive in the next few days and then it's in to Dr. Ding-Dong for U/S and B/W. to see if I can get started on the next stage of my cycle.


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